Using Games to Deliver Motivation for Learning

Mahipal Raythattha (@mahipalr) @mahipalr

Many people talk about “gamification” for education, but I think that oftentimes the idea (and the products) get developed without a real focus on *why* we might implement game mechanics over educational content. This talk is about the ways that games can serve to provide a context for delivering motivation. Within a game, we have concrete definitions for reward, competition, collaboration — and there are specific mini-goals that build up to a larger achievement. All of these things, if implemented correctly, can mesh with educational content to motivate and engage kids to learn the content. In an ideal implementation, this is a “deep integration,” rather than a discrete layer that’s painted over what is essentially a set of flashcards. Throughout my talk I’ll give examples of software that does it well — pulling from my company’s own creations, my competitors’ work, and historical examples.