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Welcome to #140edu

Chris Lehmann (@chrislehmann) - Principal of the Science Leadership Academy
Jeff Keni Pulver (@jeffpulver) - founder, #140conf

Get up and Move

Jack Hidary (@jackhidary) - entrepreneur - business, social, political

Opening Doors to 21st Century Learning
The template for K-12 education in this country persists at using an industrial/agrarian model that is long past useful and relevant. We’ll talk about how a diverse suburban public school district has worked to upend and disrupt a legacy of tracking and low expectations into one that is focused on equity, access, rigor and adaptability. And how we are retooling policies and practices to develop high level critical thinking skills needed for the 21st Century -- for all students at all ability levels.

David A. Singer (@DavidASinger) - School Board Trustee, Harrison School District
Louis N. Wool (@louisnwool) - Superintendent of Schools of the Harrison Central School District (and the 2010 NYS Superintendent of the Year).

Parents are Partners not Pawns
Parental involvement. Real, on the ground, loud, messy and effective parental involvement in the schools. As a blogger and Co-President of the PTA of my daughters' NYC public school I have seen the power of speaking out and of bringing parents together.

Rebecca Levey (@beccasara) - Founder/Queen Bee, and the 2011 NY State Delegate to the Mom Congress on Education and Learning

Design Thinking as the Only Legit 21st Century Pedagog
As one of many who are deeply invested in the educational shifts happening all around us, I'm eager to explore an authentic 21st century pedagogy that isn't simply

Christian Long (@ChristianLong) - Vice President - Education, Cannon Design

How Twitter Chats are Changing Eduaction
As co-founder of the largest and most popular education hashtag (#edchat) we have helped to shape what educational chats are on Twitter. My co-founder (@tomwhitby) and I will address the changes that we have seen, how these chats provide a platform for ed.

Steven W. Anderson (@web20classroom) - Educator, Speaker, Blogger, #Edchat Co-Creator, #140Conf Character, NOW Award Winner, ASCD Conference Scholar
Tom Whitby (@tomwhitby) - Prof of Education. Founder: #Edchat, The EDU PLN Ning, Linkedin group Technology-Using Professors et al.

Connecting School Life to Real Life
If school should be preparing young people for the world, why does the world behind school doors look so different from the world outside those doors. If we want students to be successful in the real world, schools need to get better at connecting school life to real life and give students the freedom to learn. I will share ideas about how schools can do this work.

Lisa Nielsen (@InnovativeEdu) - Speaker. Author. Educational innovator.

Are schools burning books?
Are schools burning books? Can schools efficiently ban students from using social media during school time and pretend it doesn´t exist? Can we prepare our students enough for life and work in the Information Society by relying first and foremost on text.

Inga Rós (@Inga_Ros) - Teacher, Commercial College of Iceland

The Buzz Book.
Lost amid all of the education reform talk is an insidious problem plaguing our schools: our students are losing a sense of shared cultural literacy because they are not reading as much as they need to.

Patrick Higgins (@pjhiggins) - Supervisor of Humanities, Verona Public Schools

Slowing Down Education, 140 Characters at a Time
Immersed in a constant stream of information, losing our ability to meaningfully read anything longer than a page, and connected through a social network that in users represents the 3rd largest country in the world, how can we promote thoughtful and meaningful discussions?

Cynthia Lawson J (@cynthialawson) - Assistant Professor and Artist, Parsons The New School for Design

What I learned in Kingergarden
When do school systems, tv and society suck the creativity out of our children? As early as kingergarten? Are the intellectual misfits in kingergarden the ones who are more apt to succeed later in life? Are we doing enough to ensure that youngsters maintain and develop their curiosity, wonderment, originality, and ability not only to answer questions, but to ask them as well.

Mel Rosenberg (@MelRosenberg) - scientist and inventor, children's book author, youtube newbie

Growing up in Real-Time
Alumni of Science Leadership Academy share their experiences of attending SLA and how the Internet is effecting their lives.

Danielle Duncan
Danielle Villa (@yoovilla)
Jerome McLeod (@jmcleod)
Josh Hendarto (@JoshuaRinaldi)
Maya Wright

MicroInterns: Taking the show on the road with middle-schoolers.
The MicroIntern program is driven by the need to get kids out of the classroom not only virtually, but physically. The NY tech startup scene is a phenomenon happening right in our backyard and if I can release my kids to explore in that ecosystem, they will get to be a part of history.

George Haines (@George_Haines) - Director of Technology, Sts. Philip and James School

Launching the Learning Career- The Critical Period of Years 0 to 3:?
Although we don't expect to see a 6 month old tweeting anytime soon, there are a host of PostPC era tools emerging – from touch screen to motion sensing to 3D interfaces - that make the digital world accessible to toddlers. Parents, as well as their toddlers, should be using these tools to better understand and support their babies as they transform from a relatively helpless newborn to a fully competent walking, talking, problem-solving 3 year old. There is no more important 3 year period in anyone’s learning career.

Don Burton (@dcburton) - Founder, eebee's Adventures

Intermission / Networking / Lunch Break

Feeding the hungry, using Twitter and PLN's to bring the world to Rural Schools
Yes, I come from a place where in some cases there are more cows than people. That is, however, no reason to isolate my staff and students from the big wide world. I have used my PLN, all of whom I have

Katie McFarland (@Katiemc827) - Staff Development Specialist, Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES

Working On The Edge of Learning Through Digital Media
The Edge Project, designed by Global Kids with support from the MacArthur Foundation, expands the capacity of civic and cultural institutions to use new media as innovative educational platforms that engage youth in learning and promote civic participation.

Barry Joseph (@barryjoseph) - Online Leadership Program, Global Kids, Inc.

My campaign against corporal punishment in public schools.

Marc Ecko (@marcecko) - founder, Marc Ecko Enterprises

Parents Panel: Parents of SLA
A discussion with the parents of students attending Science Leadership Academy

Anthony Stover
Carla Sanders
Chris Lehmann (@chrislehmann) - Principal of the Science Leadership Academy
Lisa Heller
Melody Demis

The Living Museum: A model for education

Janos Marton - Director, The Living Museum

Get Wiki With It
I will share the variety of web-based tools students can utilize to enhance content area learning.

Michele Haiken (@TeachingFactor) - Founder, theteachingfactor

The Tech Commandments - Ways we can revitalize education using technology
I believe there are ten basic ideas that can help us better integrate technology in the academic setting and make education better in this country.

Adam Bellow (@adambellow) - Founder, eduTecher

Changing our ring tones
Changing our "default settings" as learners.

Michael Fedorochko (@mikefed)
Nikila Kakarla (@npkakarla)
Shelley Krause (@butwait) - Academic Matchmaker & Tribe Finder, Rutgers Preparatory School

#harvard: university communications & the social web
Harvard will celebrate its 375th anniversary this autumn, and at the same time is developing a forward-looking digital footprint consistent with 21st century communications.

Perry Hewitt (@perryhewitt) - Director - Digital, Harvard University

Higher Education: Real Alerts in Real Time
When news breaks audiences want to know information as soon as possible. Journalists and bloggers are now working with local citizens to report what happens in real time using social media and smart phones. The same can be said for education.

Andrea G. Michnik (@AndreaGenevieve) - Director of PR and Social Media Marketing, International Studies Abroad

Telling the Truth
Telling the truth makes what seems impossible manageable, and our technology now mandates we do so. The tremendous potential of a world with full transparency via platforms like Twitter is the heightened accountability demands our fullest potential.

Will Craig (@WillCraigatPWP) - Educational Director at Partners With Parents and Director of Educational Programming at The Handel Group

Re-thinking Thinking
Forget about test scores and college applications, our children should be well-educated by the time they graduate high school. They can be if we focus on... The Four Fundamentals of Intelligence.

Warren Etheredge (@thewarrenreport) - The Warren Report

Majoring in Life
Our education system is not producing innovating thinkers but rather training student to follow directions. People are afraid to leave university to pursue their passions because a college degree is considered requisite for success. We must move beyond this thinking.

Dale J. Stephens (@DaleJStephens) - Leader of the @UnCollege movement. Evangelist

Closing Comments - Day 1

Chris Lehmann (@chrislehmann) - Principal of the Science Leadership Academy
Jeff Keni Pulver (@jeffpulver) - Founder, #140conf

End of Day 1

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