Cheating Students: Can the Real-Time Web Create Truth-Telling in the Humanities?

Kyra D. Gaunt, Ph.D. @kyraocity

Issues of cheating and privacy are at the forefront of professors’ concerns about social media in higher education (Pearson Social Media Study, 2011). Our lack of trust is systemic. Engagement is so minimal listening to students is rarely allowed. Classroom conversation is often limited to the last 5-10 mins of a 75-minute class. With over 18 million students currently enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities, how can professors justify the mission of producing great citizens, future professionals and great human beings with a 44% dropout rate? That’s nearly 8 million people. Facebook, alone, has more than 750 million active users as of Jan 2011. Dr. Gaunt shares how her participation on Twitter, along with other real-time web tools, helped cultivate an environment for truth-telling and making a difference in her anthropology and racism courses.